Tattoo Artist Uses Ink That Reacts To UV Light

Tattoo Artist Uses Ink That Reacts To UV Light

Check out this awesome tattoo by Jonny Hall.


According to Hall, these inks are UV reactive — not glow in the dark — and which he says makes the ink safe.

“UV reactive ink is no the same as glow in the dark ink,” he said.

“While they both react to UV they are totally different. Phosphorescent is what makes things glow in the dark… and is definitely not safe for the human body. Fluoroscent however is a natural reaction to UV light. It can be found in minerals, tonic water, and some species of scorpions and frogs. In these cases the black light emits ultraviolet rays which charge atoms and causes them to release fluorescent light. The brand I use is ‘non toxic and non hazardous’ as stated by the supplier … ‘In almost ten years the ink has been on the market, we have had no bad reactions’.