I Felt Like Spiderman’: 7-Year-Old Boy Rescues Elderly Neighbor

I Felt Like Spiderman’: 7-Year-Old Boy Rescues Elderly Neighbor

A seven-year-old boy in Crewe, England, helped rescue his elderly neighbor who had fallen down and was trapped inside her house.

Stella Thorley, 79, fell while going to the bathroom in the middle of the night and could not get back up on her own.

Her family couldn’t get through to her on the phone, or get an answer at the door, so they tried to get into her home.

But the key was stuck in the inside of the door, preventing entry. Her daughter, Jane, attempted to get in for an hour.

That’s when Jayden stepped in to save the day.

he 7-year-old offered to try and reach the key and thanks to his “super stretchy” and thin arms, he was able to retrieve the key, and gain entry to the home.

Stella was rescued, and after medical attention and rest, is back to full health.

“We’re so grateful for Jayden – he’s my little saviour,” Stella said. “I think he saved my life. When you’re old you can’t survive on the floor very long. I’m lucky it wasn’t winter.”

Jayden suffered cuts and bruises and “it hurt really really a lot”, but said saving Stella made him feel like a superhero.

“I felt amazing when they were cheering,” he said. “I felt a bit like bendy Spiderman – he’s my favorite superhero.”

“I knew it was an emergency and we had to rescue Stella and I just wanted to help like Spiderman does.”